Celebrating the new year is fun! But did you know that your birthday ushers in a personal new year just for you? A “solar return” is when the sun returns to the exact same degree/location it was at in the sky at the time of your birth. Your solar return isn’t always exactly on your birthday each year, but it’s normally within a day or so.

In the month leading up to your birthday, you may notice you become more quiet, introverted, maybe even feeling a bit more tired, needing more rest. Some astrologers around the world even call the month leading up to one’s birthday “Astral Hell”.

Of course, because I use astrology and tarot together, the period

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leading up to your birthday may also have other significant energy. As an example, my birthday is the last week of September (which makes me a Libra correlating with the Justice card); however, the month leading up to my birthday is in Virgo which is covered by the major arcana tarot symbol of The Hermit. This, quite naturally, makes me want to retire into a quiet space, alone with my thoughts, in the weeks before my birthday. However, once my birthday comes around, I feel re-energized and ready to move ahead.

Keep in mind, other planetary and lunar influences (like full or new moons) could effect your feelings and energy around your birthday especially if anything is retrograde like Mercury (communication, travel, electronics), Venus (how you present yourself to the world, relationships), or Mars (energy, vitality, and general forward movement). The larger out planets have an effect as well, but those inner planets and our moon seem to exert a greater, quicker influence for us here on Earth.

A good use of energy in the weeks before your birthday is to think about, even plan, what you would like to accomplish in your next year. So if you’re feeling a bit quiet, tired, rundown, or even a bit sad, in the month leading up to your birthday, just know that when the sun finally returns to your birth position, things should start looking up again, and you can celebrate your personal new year!

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