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Love & Trust Your Being


Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your

Love & Trust Your Being2023-05-27T20:26:36-07:00



Are you having an issue with self-worth or self-esteem? Do you feel that you are not lovable? If you can say yes to one of these things, I want you to stop now and change

I AM ENOUGH!2018-11-04T21:23:44-08:00

Mirror Work


Several months ago I came across Louise Hays “Mirror Work” videos and lessons. Mirror work is a technique with working with a mirror to help love oneself. The process is to sit in front of

Mirror Work2018-09-06T18:50:48-07:00

The Importance of Self-Worth


What is Self-Worth? Self-worth is the opinion on how you view yourself and the value you place on yourself. Another term for this would be “self-esteem.” I wanted to blog about this today because I

The Importance of Self-Worth2018-09-17T03:19:41-07:00


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