Stop Blaming Others


I have blogged many times about “You are responsible for YOUR life.” Everyone creates their OWN reality which means, what you think is what you get! This can be good or bad, as it is

Stop Blaming Others2020-01-31T07:11:34-07:00

It Is Your Responsibility to be YOU!


Lately I have heard the same message come from a Dr. Dyer book “There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” and also saw a video that Oprah put out on her Facebook, “You are

It Is Your Responsibility to be YOU!2018-09-16T16:42:39-07:00

Doing Stuff for YOU!


Lately I have been working so much that I haven’t had a chance to take time for myself! I have been running myself down and just not listening to my body. This is a problem

Doing Stuff for YOU!2018-09-17T02:36:35-07:00

Crystals: How They Can Benefit You!


With the Tucson Gem show being in Arizona the past few weeks, I wanted to blog about the use of crystals. Crystals have been used to assist in balancing, relaxing and healing people’s bodies. Every

Crystals: How They Can Benefit You!2018-09-17T03:27:48-07:00

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