I have blogged many times about “You are responsible for YOUR life.” Everyone creates their OWN reality which means, what you think is what you get! This can be good or bad, as it is the Law of Attraction.  So, your thoughts and words bring in what you have in your life. Therefore, people tell you to make sure you are careful on what you wish for! This is a true statement! However, some people play the victim or have that victim mentality where they blame others for what is happening in THEIR lives! These people do not want to take ownership that they created the situation, but they did!! When we blame others, we are not taking responsibility for the actions and thoughts of what was created in the first place! To demonstrate, many years ago I was laid off at my corporate job a few times, but it was my negative thinking that created why I was being laid off. I was not happy with the new ownership, a merger and bankruptcy, which led to my layoffs! I was blaming the companies on why this was happening however; it was my thoughts that created it! If I would have changed my thoughts, I would have changed my reality and most likely wouldn’t have been laid off! Nevertheless, it was a lesson I had to go through several times! I finally was able to pass the lesson and it helped me to understand the Law of Attraction too! So, if you have been blaming others for things not going smoothly in your life, look inward. By looking at yourself, thoughts, actions, you can change those things to bring in what you do want!