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I have blogged about chakras 1-7 before which are 3rd dimensional. However, there are more chakras beyond this. Here are the Chakras from 8-22 and what colors they represent. Chakras 8-15 represent the 4th Dimension.


Green Aura


What is an Aura? An aura is an energy field that surrounds one’s body. This can be of a person, animal, item like a rock or any living thing. Aura’s have color, which can help

Green Aura2019-12-05T21:17:21-08:00

Essential Oils That Can Assist You in Your Daily Life


We encounter scents in our everyday lives. Sometimes the smells are great and other times, well not so much! We may also encounter a smell that reminds you of a loved one or a particular

Essential Oils That Can Assist You in Your Daily Life2018-09-17T02:47:30-07:00



With Mother's Day on Sunday, I wanted to blog about women and the Goddess Energy. Goddesses are women who have been spoken or written about in many mythological stories, folklore and religions. These goddesses symbolize


2015 March Newsletter


March is here already, which means it is the month of Saint Patrick's Day and time for Spring Cleaning! In honor of those two things Chicks has chosen two items to highlight! An Abundance candle/bracelet

2015 March Newsletter2018-09-17T03:28:05-07:00

2015 February Newsletter


CSG February 2015 Newsletter: It’s that time of year… Love is in the air, and not just because of our Love and Relationship candles! If you’re looking for love, or just want to enhance the relationship

2015 February Newsletter2018-09-17T03:32:54-07:00

Spirit Guides


Have you heard the word “Spirit Guide?” If so, who are they and how do they work with an individual? Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us on the other side before we are

Spirit Guides2018-09-17T03:36:49-07:00

January Newsletter 2015


In the spirit of a New Year, give yourself a chance to discover and redefine YOU! CSG is going to be offering some specials, introducing/reiterating on some of our amazing products designed to improve/stimulate your

January Newsletter 20152018-09-17T03:39:39-07:00

December Newsletter 2014


The Chicks have had several clients ask us about our intuitive work. Many want to know how we communicate with the other side or how “we know” the information about them without ever meeting them. 

December Newsletter 20142018-09-17T03:46:21-07:00

The Six Different “Clairs”


What are the “clairs” and how do you develop them? Clairs is short for clair senses, which involves using your intuitive senses to reveal things. Spiritual information is all around us and it is just

The Six Different “Clairs”2018-09-17T03:59:11-07:00


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