With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to blog about women and the Goddess Energy. Goddesses are women who have been spoken or written about in many mythological stories, folklore and religions. These goddesses symbolize many different things to people across the world. The symbolism of these women, leads many people to pray to these Goddesses as deities. Many people feel that by praying to the different Goddesses, this will lead the Goddess to evoke their “power” to assist them in their lives.

Here is a list of some of the most influential Goddesses and what they assist with.

Athena: She is the Goddess in Greek religion and mythology. They believe she instills justice, reasoning and balance. She also is thought of protecting those who are in need of defense.

Isis: She is the Goddess to the Egyptians. They believe she manifests fertility and holds magical powers of transformation of life.

Kuan Yin: She is the Goddess to the Chinese. They believe she assists in talking away all the pain in humans and delivers compassion. She sacrifices herself for the good of all.

Lakshmi: She is the Goddess to the Hindus. They believe she is the embodiment of beauty. She also assists with prosperity, generosity, wealth and purity.

Mother Mary: She is the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Mother of God to the Roman Catholic Church. They believe she is a pure being who assists in devotions, blessings and is also considered the Mother of Humility.

Paravati: She is the Goddess to the Hindus. They believe her love saves the world.

Sarasvati: She is the Goddess to the Hindus. They believe she maintains spiritual knowledge and encompasses the culture of the arts. She is also called the Goddess of the World.

Tara: She is the Goddess to the Tibetans. They believe she has the power to heal sorrows and assist with granting wishes. She also protects individuals from bringing in fears and instills happiness and harmony.

Venus: She is the Goddess in Roman mythology. They believe she is has power over love, beauty, sex and fertility.