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What Are You Grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020?


This year has brought about so many changes for all of us. We have all learned to do things differently than before. We have all learned what its like to wear a mask daily. We

What Are You Grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020?2020-11-24T14:04:18-08:00

Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving!


As I am writing this blog, I cannot believe that it is Thanksgiving already! The year just flew by and it is the holiday season again! I love this time of year because it makes

Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving!2020-11-24T14:03:31-08:00



The Thanksgiving holiday reminds of us to give thanks! On Thanksgiving Day, we see many TV ads of people and shows giving thanks and well wishes to everyone. I love watching all these TV ads


Being Blessed!


It is Thanksgiving time again! Time for family, friends, turkey and giving THANKS! I am thankful for so many things this year, I am truly blessed! Blessed to have wonderful clients that I have been

Being Blessed!2020-11-24T14:06:23-08:00

Giving Thanks!


Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to blog about giving thanks or gratitude’s to the Universe. I have blogged several times on gratitude’s and how this is essential in Earth School. When we give

Giving Thanks!2020-11-24T14:04:58-08:00

What Are You Grateful For?


With the holidays upon us, I wanted to write a short blog about gratitude’s. I know I recently wrote another blog about gratitude’s just a few weeks ago however its Thanksgiving weekend, how can I

What Are You Grateful For?2020-11-24T14:05:47-08:00


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