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What is Your Element?


In Astrology, we all have an element that corresponds to our birth month. The different elements help you to understand more about your sign and you. Look at the different elements and see if it

What is Your Element?2018-12-08T15:20:42-08:00

13th Sign in Astrology?


Have you heard the latest news on the 13th astrology sign discovered by NASA called “Ophiuchus?” Well this isn’t new news at all, as this came up a few years back as well. I wanted

13th Sign in Astrology?2018-09-06T19:24:49-07:00

Astrology 101


What is Astrology? Astrology is the study and influence of objects like stars and planets as they affect our daily lives. When each person was born, there was a certain position of the sun, moon

Astrology 1012018-09-17T02:34:27-07:00


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