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Utilizing Saint Joseph


There are A LOT of universal energies moving around right now. To touch on this, I am feeling obliged to write about Saint Joseph. He has an amazing power to help us during our physical

Utilizing Saint Joseph2023-08-05T18:15:35-07:00

Love & Trust Your Being


Hi Beautiful Souls, I just felt obliged to write something short and sweet to remind you of how WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I wanted to tell you personally that I feel you are coming into your

Love & Trust Your Being2023-05-27T20:26:36-07:00

Lucky Clover


It’s March and time for St. Paddy’s day! I love this day as it always reminds me of the time that I spent in Ireland. One thing that I learned when I was there was

Lucky Clover2020-03-10T09:06:43-07:00

Being Lucky


It is funny, because I wasn’t going to be writing a blog for St. Paddy’s Day this year, which is only a few days away, but I must, since the Universe is making me feel

Being Lucky2019-03-16T06:17:25-07:00

The Art of Manifesting Workshop


Manifesting is definitely an art form. This class will teach you how the art of manifesting will work for you! You will Learn: -What is Manifesting? -How to Manifest -What to Manifest -Affirmations to Manifest

The Art of Manifesting Workshop2018-02-06T15:39:21-08:00

Manifesting with Feeling


I am back on the topic of Manifesting! I have blogged about so many things on "how to manifest" but I wanted to make sure that people using FEELING into their manifestation. Manifesting is just

Manifesting with Feeling2018-11-04T22:08:08-08:00

Manifesting a Job


Manifesting a new job takes some work and dedication. What is Manifesting? I have written several blogs on “manifesting.” This is the ACTION part of bringing in what you are wanting. Many times, people get stuck

Manifesting a Job2018-11-04T22:11:51-08:00

Bringing In the Luck


Since it is St. Paddy’s day, how could I not blog about LUCK! What is luck? Basically, one can think of this as “pure chance” brought forth by one’s actions. To some people, they can

Bringing In the Luck2018-09-06T18:53:03-07:00

Manifesting for Your Business


I have blogged about several types of manifesting, what to manifest, how to manifest and also manifesting money, and manifesting money 2, however I wanted to give you another blog on manifesting for your business.

Manifesting for Your Business2021-04-23T21:25:16-07:00

Manifesting Money


We all have done this; we worry about not having enough money! Many of us think that when we have more money this will solve many problems in ones lives. The reality is that money

Manifesting Money2018-09-17T03:18:21-07:00


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