Manifesting a new job takes some work and dedication. What is Manifesting? I have written several blogs on “manifesting.” This is the ACTION part of bringing in what you are wanting. Many times, people get stuck on what job they want, to go after, or to look for. Other times, people say they want a job but are afraid to make that change. Is this you? If so, here are some tips to manifest the job in that you want!

  1. What Job Do You Want? If you want a job, then start to figure out what type of job you want. If you are not sure, write some things down on a paper of what you would like to do. You can even read the blog “what is my life purpose.” This will get you clear on what you want.
  2. Think Clearly!  If you are wanting a job, make sure you are not telling the Universe a Yes and No. What this means is that you are not thinking clearly on what you want. You are saying on what hand, “I want a job” (this is your “yes”) however, on the other hand, “I am not sure what job I want” (this is your “no”). The Universe cannot provide you both, so be clear on what you want, either yes or no!
  3. Law of Attraction. Remember, what you think is what you get, so put out those positive vibes of bringing in this job! Read the blog “thoughts using the laws of attraction.”
  4. Let go of Worry, Doubt, and Fear! When you bring in these thoughts, that is what you get, more worry, doubt, and fear! Read the blogs and on worry and fear!
  5. Work with the Archangels. Work with Archangel Ariel and Uriel. They help to bring in abundance and jobs. Ask them to help you with looking for the job on the internet, referrals from others, or showing you signs. Now I want to point out, they are here to assist you, but YOU must do the work, they cannot do it for you, they ASSIST.
  6. Aligned Jobs. Look for jobs that you REALLY want to work for. Don’t just apply for anything as those jobs are NOT aligned with your vibration and the Universe knows this. They will automatically get canceled out if the vibration is not on your level.
  7. Apply or the Jobs You DO Want. Don’t just apply for anything! Look for a job that you would be passionate about and DO want to work for. Again, this is a job that is ALIGNED for you.
  8. Write an Affirmation. Write down on a piece of paper what you are looking for in a job. Ask the Universe to help lead you into finding this job. You can say this “mantra” of what you wrote, repeatedly. The more vibration and intensity you put into saying it, the more it puts this vibration and frequency into action, this IS Manifesting!
  9. Light a Candle. Light an orange color candle with the intention of bringing in a new job or career. You can even put your affirmation paper under the candle (make sure it is a glass candle so nothing lights on fire).
  10. Use Crystals.  When you do have a job interview, use crystals to help you land the job! Read the blog Crystals for a Job Interview.

Remember, manifesting the job is all about what you put out to the universe. If you think and manifest the job in, one will come to you! You must do the work though, believing that the job will come to you will NOT get you the job! Manifesting is KEY to bringing a job in. You can do this, it just takes a little bit of effort and positive thinking on your part!