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Calling on Archangel Michael


These days we can all do with a little extra love, support, and protection. Archangel Michael is the “Go To” for this help! Our beloved Terri would mention him a lot of times in class

Calling on Archangel Michael2023-11-18T09:52:36-08:00

Why a Reading May Not Resonate With You


Have you had a reading and you just didn’t feel it resonated with you? Did you feel like it didn’t make sense to you? Did you feel like it didn’t answer the question that you

Why a Reading May Not Resonate With You2018-09-06T18:31:55-07:00

Free Will in Readings


When giving readings to clients many times I mention the words “Free Will.” However, sometimes the client does not understand the concept of this terminology, so I wanted to touch on this subject. What does

Free Will in Readings2018-09-17T02:28:23-07:00

Finding the Right Medium for You!


Today, I wanted to touch upon a Facebook posting that I saw by James Van Praagh. In his Facebook video, he discussed the topic of “Finding the Right Medium for You.” I thought that this

Finding the Right Medium for You!2018-09-17T02:33:08-07:00

Readings 101- What to Expect from A Chicks Reading


Today I wanted to blog about Readings! I have had new clients that have never had readings and I wanted to write about what to expect in a reading! Every reader has different approaches on

Readings 101- What to Expect from A Chicks Reading2019-03-22T19:50:01-07:00

Tea Leaf Readings


Have you or someone you know received a Tea Leaf Reading? What is it and how do you perform it? The Art of reading Tea Leafs is called "Tasseography." The reader of the cup will

Tea Leaf Readings2018-09-17T03:49:24-07:00


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