Today, I wanted to touch upon a Facebook posting that I saw by James Van Praagh. In his Facebook video, he discussed the topic of “Finding the Right Medium for You.” I thought that this was a good subject to blog about because I have had many clients ask me about this too!

How Does One Go About “Finding”a Medium that Works for You?

I am going to suggest a few pieces of criteria to look for in “Finding the Right Medium” for a reading if I was looking for one myself!

  1. Do your Research– Looking for the “right” Medium is the same way you would look for someone to repair something in your house, car etc. Finding someone that is reputable and honest!
  2. Recommendations are Key-Use a Medium that is referred to you by someone you know. This will ensure that this Medium is valid and is giving information that you can trust.
  3. Look for Reviews on the Internet – If you don’t have a referral from someone you know then do your research on the Internet! Look at sites such as Yelp or Google and see what types of reviews other people are giving. Find out how many “stars” people have rated this Medium. Look for specific information in the review given; do you feel that this review is noteworthy or authentic? Trust your gut! Most times, you will “just know” if this information is correct so trust this! If you are feeling “awkward” or “funny” about the information provided, pass on this Medium as something is amiss! Move on to looking at the next one!
  4. How Much is the Medium Charging? If the amount of money is astronomically then I would steer away from this Medium. A Medium should be charging around the same amount of money for that area.
  5. Details and Specific Information provided– Find out in the review, or by word of mouth, if that particular Medium was able to give several pieces of information that was actual concrete evidence that they were indeed speaking to a loved one. This could include: places, names, events, or things about the loved one that the Medium would not have any access to this type of information. If a Medium is telling you that your grandma is “here” and just wants to say “hi” and no further information is giving stay clear of this Medium! A true Medium will be able to access many details from their loved ones to show that it is an authentic reading and that the Medium truly is communicating with them!
  6. Authenticity-A reputable and honest Medium will always ensure that a reading is done with the most respect of a loved one and will ALWAYS give back your money if a connection is not made with a loved one you are trying to connect with! There are sometimes when a Medium just cannot connect to a loved one, if this is the case, a Medium that gives back your money is 100% reputable. Since no information is shared with the client there cannot be a charge of money. A charge of money is considered an “energy exchange.” A Medium provides “energy” or information and “in exchange” the money is provided after this reading is performed.

With the list of suggestions provided above, this will help to ensure that you will find a reputable and honest Medium. Remember, looking for a Medium is the same as looking for a doctor or car repairman don’t trust anyone! It is all about referrals and doing your research, as this leads you to the “right” Medium!