Today I wanted to blog about Readings! I have had new clients that have never had readings and I wanted to write about what to expect in a reading! Every reader has different approaches on how they conduct, read, and interpret readings. Here are my thoughts on readings!

What to Expect From a Chicks Reading?

1. When clients arrive, I tell them that I will take their questions at the end of the reading. Spirit knows what the client is there for and gives me the information to pass on to them. Almost always, I will have answered the questions within the reading and the client won’t even have to ask the question!

2. Since I am a Medium, many times I have people from the other side, come and join in on a reading! They are well aware that their loved one is having a reading and they can relay those messages to me, to give to them. Sometimes the loved ones even urges the client to contact us! It is not uncommon for the client to say that they have been thinking about contacting us for awhile and they don’t know why!

3. I use “Evidential Evidence” in giving messages from people on the other side. This means that I give some type of “evidence” that the loved one is with me that I would not know about. To demonstrate, I had a client whose mother came through for the reading. She told me the word “licorice.” I told this to the client and she confirmed this was her mother’s favorite candy. This was one piece of “evidence” that I gave to the client to ensure her that I indeed had her mom with us in her reading!

4. The information that I provide is given to me by the use of clairaudient information. This means that I can “hear” the message by telepathy. I also can sense or “feel” sensations within my body which is called clairsentience. Sometimes I am also able to see a picture and or pictures, which is called clairvoyance. Lastly, I do use some oracle cards midway through the reading, where the client chooses the cards.

5. I give the information that the client NEEDS to hear not what the client wants to hear! This information is given directly from spirit and I am just the vessel to pass this on to them.

6. Many times clients either tear up or start crying from the information that I am providing to them. To me, this means that I am “right on track” with the information that I am providing. Clients either needed to hear this information which can help to move some stuck energy or heal ones heart! Also, some are just happy to hear from their loved ones which makes them cry and laugh! Again, just a positive sign to me in my readings!

7. I sometimes get chills from my clients loved ones, coming through in a reading. When I have chills down my body I will mention this to the client to let them know that I am 100% on with what I just told them from their loved one.

Do you Record the Reading?

Due to legal reasons, I do not allow any sessions to be recorded.

How Are You Able to Receive Information Before You Meet Me?
Before I meet with the client, I like to do a bit of “energy work” is what I call it! What this means is I spend about 5-10 minutes focusing in on the client and picking up on their energy. The “energy” or what is in their aura is what the client is displaying at that time. I will take notes of all that is provided and I will start off the reading with this information. I call it my “jumping off” or starting point in the reading.

How Long Between Readings Until I Book Another One?
I like to tell my clients to wait 3-6 months before rescheduling another reading. The purpose for this is that this gives enough time for “change to develop” after the initial reading!

Is There a Difference Between Receiving a In-person Reading Versus a Phone Reading or Email Reading

The answer to this question is no, there is not a difference. I always say spirit doesn’t discriminate on how you receive the message! An in-person, phone or an email reading will produce the same results for the reading! Read the blog Is there a Difference Between Receiving an In-person Reading versus a Phone Reading or Email Reading to find out more information regarding this topic.

The Top 10 Questions Revealed that the Chicks are Asked

The Chicks are asked several questions regarding readings on a daily basis. Read more about the frequently asked questions in the blog “The Top 10 Questions Revealed that the Chicks are Asked” and see if this covers one of your questions too!

Final ThoughtsI would like to share a few final thoughts.

1. Don’t be Nervous! There is nothing to fear in a reading. Spirit has sent you to hear some information that you have been asking about!

2. Have an Open Mind! When having a reading, be “open” to it and don’t “block” your energy! Blocked energy is when you are closed off to receiving or giving information. When you block your energy, I cannot work as easily as some one that is open. Basically you are building a wall which I will have to tear down and it will take time doing this. You will then miss out on more information that I could have provided if the wall was down and open!

3. Are you Ready to Receive a Reading? I wanted to share this last point because I have had people ask me to “prove” that I am a Medium. They wanted me to give them some information only they would know before they booked a reading. The way I see this is that I don’t need to “prove” anything to anyone. If you are “ready” to receive a reading from me, then spirit is “ready” to give me the information you need to hear! It is as simple as that!