I wanted to blog about the top 10 things the Chicks are asked frequently from clients! See if this might be one of your questions too!

  1. Booking Readings/Time-frame/Recording Session  – This is a daily question that we hear from clients. Many people think that they can get a reading that very day or tell us the time they would like to come to get their reading! HUH? Do you tell your doctor what time you are coming in to see them? What about your hairdresser? I don’t think so! We are by appointment only and you need to schedule an appointment like any other place that is a business. The reason for this is that I not only do In-person appointments, but I also read for people across the country and internationally. I also teach classes, mentors students and am booked for parties and events. So needless to say, my calendar is a bit crazy and I am always booked, doing something! Also, many clients do ask if they can record their sessions. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, this is not permitted.
  2. Good Readers Should be Booked– What I tell clients is that if you want a good reader, a good indicator is that they are booked and you need to set up an appointment. Many clients think we are waiting for people to just do a walk-in, unfortunately that is not the case. I am booked and sometimes I can be booked 2-3 months out because my clients are aware of this. Think of it like this, do you want a haircut from Super Cuts and you don’t know what you are getting? Or do you want a good hairdresser and you know it will be a good cut? That is your choice!
  3. Follow-up Readings– I tell clients that for a follow-up reading that they need to wait 3-6 months before the next reading. The reason for this is that Spirit asks this of me and I adhere to it. There are a few exceptions like if someone has passed, a breakup or lose of a job and Spirit allows me to focus in on ONLY that topic. I have had people try and come back sooner and are amazed that I won’t read for them. I tell the client that I am not a “crutch” to give them information, it is for You to do the work on the information that was provided and make changes accordingly.
  4. Timeframes Given in a Reading– I have had clients come back to me and have told me that the timeframe I gave them was exactly right and that event /situation occurred. Then other times I have had clients come back and tell me nothing happened. When this is the case I tell those clients, what did you do to change the energy of the timeline that I was reading? This does come down to the client, as they are the ones that change the outcome of a situation in your life as you Co-create with the Universe. A perfect example would have been a client that was trying to pass an exam. I told her she would pass it but she needed to continue to study and work on it. Well she decided she was going to pass the test since I told her this information and didn’t study anymore, she changed the energy and ended up NOT passing the test because of her actions. Remember it’s the client that does the work, I am only the messenger reading their energy of today.
  5. Loved Ones Giving Messages– I am asked why a certain loved one came and another one didn’t, this is not up to me. I only give the message from the Loved One that is stepping forward. Some clients tell me that I didn’t know this person or that loved one was not a good person when they were here on Earth. This is not up to me on who comes. Remember a Loved One is taking their time out to come to you, be grateful and receive the message. Just because you don’t know who they are in this lifetime doesn’t mean that you didn’t know them from a previous lifetime. Also, maybe that loved one was not the best person here are Earth but they have come to apologize and or make amends.
  6. Giving a Message from a Loved One that is Still here are Earth-Sometimes I am able to tap into Loved Ones that are still on the Earth plane. When this happens it means that your loved one is in transition to the Other side. It doesn’t mean they are passing away right away but they are starting to live their lives more on the Other side. This happens when a loved one is sick, has Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s or is very old and fragile. I tell clients to be grateful for this, as you have a chance to make amends, take pics or ask your Loved One stories or things you might want to know, before they pass.
  7. Recommending Blogs in Readings-In all my readings I do for clients, I always recommend blogs to them to help them on their journey. The reason I do this is I have more time to read for them and also it shows the Universe that you want to do the work. I have clients come back to me and tell me that they haven’t found love and they don’t know why. I ask them if they did the work on the blog and they tell me that they “read” the blogs but that was it. Well that is great that you “read” the blog but you need to do “action” and do the work in the blog. When you do the work, it shows the Universe you are invested in it and you are ready to work on that situation.
  8. Proof that I am a Medium-I get potential clients that call me and ask me to prove to them I know something about them so they know I am “real” and not a fake. I just shake my head. When you are talking to me I am not “reading you” I am only “talking to you.” I actually take a bit of time to connect with each client’s energy before I read for them. I don’t do this over the phone, I only set up appointments over the phone. I tell clients that you have to be comfortable to want to get a message from me and I give them a link to what to expect from a reading. My job is just to be a messenger and serve the clients, I am not here to prove anything to anyone that is not my job.
  9. Remembering Clients Passed Reading– I do get clients that call me at a later date and ask me what I was talking about with a certain subject or what card they chose. Unfortunately I am just a channel and I don’t remember most people’s readings. I have had several clients come back to me and I couldn’t tell you what I told them in previous readings or even who the loved one that I connected with was. The reason for this is that I am just a messenger, I would have libraries of information otherwise and it is not for me to remember, it is for the client to know and remember.
  10. Lottery Numbers, Medical or Legal Advice– I am not here to give clients lottery numbers as that is something I don’t channel with Spirit. I am not here to give numbers, just to give messages. As for Medical or Legal advice, I am able to tap into a person’s energy, but I am not a Doctor and I am not a Judge. Sometimes I am able to tell you what area of the body in getting things in but I am not a Medical Intuitive. As for Legal situations, I can give you the percent of what may happen but again I am reading the energy of you. The case always involves other people so their energies can change the outcome too!