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Where to Next?


As a longtime Spiritualist and medium, I often get asked about what happens after we die. There is no short or easy answer to one such question. I share with them, as I now share

Where to Next?2023-06-17T09:53:14-07:00


What Is The DIfference Between A Psychic And A Medium?   We are a diverse group of amazing and talented Intuitive women, all of use and have different types of gifts. Sometimes when going to


Types of Medium


What is a Medium? A Medium is a person who can receive information and is the "middleman" between a Loved One who has passed and a client. Mediums have become more mainstream these days with

Types of Medium2020-08-21T07:28:28-07:00

Finding the Right Medium for You!


Today, I wanted to touch upon a Facebook posting that I saw by James Van Praagh. In his Facebook video, he discussed the topic of “Finding the Right Medium for You.” I thought that this

Finding the Right Medium for You!2018-09-17T02:33:08-07:00

Medium vs. Psychic


There are many different choices of people to choose from when looking to have a reading performed. Many times people do not even realize that there is a difference! I have heard several people lump

Medium vs. Psychic2018-09-17T03:24:12-07:00


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