What Is The DIfference Between A Psychic And A Medium?


We are a diverse group of amazing and talented Intuitive women, all of use and have different types of gifts. Sometimes when going to sign up for a reading you may find yourself pleasantly surprised to find there are a lot of different choices in the types of sessions we offer. Let me help you navigate some terms to make picking out the perfect reading for you. The most common stumping point is “What is the difference between a psychic medium and a medium?” Basically, it just boils down to the title the reader is comfortable calling themselves. As long as the word medium in their title, the reader will be gleaning information from communication with the spirit world and those that have passed on. However, let’s explore the distinction between the label a reader uses when only referring to themselves as psychic versus a medium.


Psychics are perceivers of intangible information often via heightened perception of the senses to help clients with future and unseen possibilities and mediums are receivers of communications with spirits and the deceased. Psychics use clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to tune into this subtle unseen info. They tune into the energy and aura of the person they are reading. Psychic readers then can use their gifts to interpret the past, present, and possibly see their clients upcoming choices for their future.


Mediums operate in a different way; their connection often is that they sense the subtle heavenly astral realms where the deceased reside. This allows them to have a well-developed connection with the spirit family of the client they are reading. The medium is then able to provide strong evidential info to demonstrate that they are talking to a specific spirit. A person that considers themselves a medium is more focused on helping their clients know that their deceased loved one is still a part of their life and to provide closure and healing. Not as much information comes through in regard to future predictions in a mediumship reading.


Chicks With Spiritual Gifts is happy to share that we have different types of psychic and mediumship sessions for you, you will luckily find we have 3 categories:


1) Mediumship Readings – connect to your loved ones and spirit guides


2) Psychic Readings – receive information about your energy, patterns transpiring in your life and how it can affect your future.


3) Psychic Mediumship Readings! – Sometimes a reading a reader is blessed with both psychic and mediumship gifts, and what comes through in your sessions is what is needed and determined by your higher self and channeled through your reader.

By Kim Mathis