What makes for a good, or successful reading with a medium?  That answer may be as individual as you are. However, there are a few things that as the “sitter” or recipient of the reading that you may do to enhance your session.  A medium is someone that is able to act as the radio or go-between those in the spirit world and those of us still here in the physical world.  As such, both the medium and the sitter must prepare themselves prior to the reading.  How do I do that, you ask? Read on dear ones for some helpful hints!

  1. Be relaxed and open to receive guidance and messages from the spirit world. It is helpful to think about what questions you may have and whom in the spirit world you would like to hear from prior to your reading as those in spirit also prepare for the session. Please be aware that the medium has little control over which spirit(s) come through or the message(s) they may want to convey.  If, at all possible, please avoid having any preconceived notions of what message(s) should come through and from which spirit(s).
  2. One of the primary goals of spirit communication is to provide evidence of an existence after the change called death. Once the medium has established contact with the spirit world, that spirit will convey information about their life on the physical plane to the medium, i.e., personality traits, physical descriptions, memories of their life, etc.  It is helpful for you to acknowledge to the medium when or if you recognize the information being presented to you. In the event that you are unable to confirm the information, perhaps file it away. Chances are you may remember or understand what was brought through at a later time.
  3. Please refrain from arguing with the medium and/or the spirit communicating. Arguing will disrupt the energy flow of communications and may make continuing the reading impossible. Mediumship readings potentially bring through much healing for the sitter and, also healing to the spirit communicating! Please be open to what a spirit may have to express or convey to you.  If you are unable or unwilling to receive the message or communication from spirit, calmly say so and the medium will move on.
  4. Please remember that mediumship is not fortune telling. It is communication between the physical world and the world of spirit. Our loved ones and guides in the spirit world are with us and often are very much aware of what is happening in your life. When asked, spirit will suggest or impart guidance regarding the various challenges or opportunities in your life as they are able to “see down the road” a little further than we are able to do.  However, they will not make your choices for you or tell you what to do.  We each have free will and must exercise personal responsibility. Think of yourself as captain of the ship of your life and spirit as your first mate!

Taking these simple tips into consideration may make for an enlightening, and wonderful mediumship reading.