How many times have you found yourself wondering what is the difference between a ghost or a spirit? Are they the same thing?
Ghosts and spirits are not the same, however they can be and often are linked together. Ghosts may be thought of as energetic photographs. Ghosts are usually seen wearing the same clothing, or walking the same pathway of a particular place, or doing the same activity, over, and over again, by many various people. When ghosts are sighted, some sort of tragic event is likely to have occurred in the circumstances relating to the ghost person resulting in their death. An energetic snapshot of the person has been created, which often may be seen or perceived by folks still present on the earthly side of life. Not all ghosts are sad or tragic. Happy ghost images may also occur, particularly if there is a strong emotional significance to the deceased person.
So how are ghosts and spirits linked? If you or someone you know says, “well I saw a ghost and we had a conversation, or the ghost told me information about their life or death..”, then you/they actually saw, heard, and/or perceived the spirit of that particular ghost and had a conversation! Spirits are intelligent, discarnate beings; capable of communicating their thoughts and emotions to sensitive people. Each person here on planet earth has, to some degree or another, abilities to communicate with spirit people on the etheric side of life. Not everyone believes that they have, nor are they interested in these abilities. If you are one such individual that is able to perceive ghosts and/or spirits, I highly encourage you to do some research; arm yourself with information, learn to understand and use your abilities. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised!