What is an Ankh? An ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of a cross with a loop at the top of it. The Egyptians used this symbol to represent many aspects of “life.” This includes physical and eternal life, immortality, death, and reincarnation. The loop at the top represents the sun which makes its way over the horizon. This symbol is thought associated with the Egyptian god Osiris and brings good luck to people. Also, some people believe that it is a porthole or a mirror to the other side. Many people use the ankh in their daily lives.

Here are some ways that you can use the ankh in your life too.

  1. Protect your Keys- Since the ankh is a “key to life” it can protect you during your travel, losing your keys or as a protective charm. You can also add a protective blessing by stating, “I bless this ankh to guard my keys and keep them safe.”
  2. Personal Guardian- You can use the ankh as a piece of jewelry to hold or wear for protection over self. Again, you can add a protective blessing for it stating, “May my body and spirit be sustained with the powers of life.” You can also visualize your ankh becoming filled with the golden lite during this process too.
  3. Using the Ankh in Meditation- If you practice meditation you can hold the ankh to your third eye to help you focus and your thoughts through the loop of it. See what images or thoughts come through your mind during this process. Many insights about yourself can be revealed.
  4. Blessings- Use your ankh to receive daily blessings. You can perform this by stating, “I bless this ankh to help focus the energies of life, love and liberty.”
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Terri is a lifelong learner of the metaphysical arts and has earned certificates from: UK Academy of Mediumship, Centre of Excellence, The Psychic Senses, Love and Light Events, Ltd., and The Voice of Spirit in Evidential Mediumship. As well as, the Morris Pratt Institute which include: Mediumship, Healing, and Ministry. In addition, she is a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Terri continues to grow and develop her intuition, as well as, her clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance abilities. She also enjoys sharing what she has learned to others, through her teaching and writing, so they too, can forge their own spiritual path.

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