We all have done this; we worry about not having enough money! Many of us think that when we have more money this will solve many problems in ones lives. The reality is that money is just paper! That’s right, money is just paper, we give it value! Think about it for a minute. When you stop and view it from this standpoint you can take a different stance regarding having money. Now don’t get me wrong, money does help us to buy things, provide food and helps us in different ways but that’s all it does. Money doesn’t buy us happiness, it just provides basic survival needs and for material comforts. What happens when you worry about not having enough money? When you actually worry about having enough money you actually “block” yourself from receiving money! Worry is a negative vibration which in turn leads to bringing in negative things. So in this case, worry blocks money from coming to you! In order to bring money to oneself, you need to change your thought process to a positive vibration.

How do you manifest more money?

1. Switch Your Thought process! To demonstrate, I am going to make the statement, “I don’t have enough money to pay my rent this month.” Instead change the thought to, “I have just enough money to pay my rent and more money is going to be flowing to me!”
2. Visualize money flowing in to you. Just start visualizing seeing checks and money coming in the mail to you. Visualize your bank account receiving the money and getting bigger and growing!
3. Believe and have Faith that money IS coming to you! When you believe that money is flowing into you, then money WILL be flowing into you! By trusting in the Universe this helps to manifest positive vibrations and which in turn helps to manifest money!

Lastly, I wanted to share an affirmation I use daily to manifest money. Remember, by holding a positive intention of manifesting money and believing that it is flowing to you this enables it to come to you! Here is my affirmation I use from a book called The Complete Works by Florence Scovel Shinn.

“As soon as money goes out, immediately money comes back in 10-fold! It is always crammed, jammed, and full of abundance under grace in a perfect way!”