Many of you have heard or saw the movie called “The Secret.” This movie’s preference is based on the concept of “The Law of Attraction.” This concept states that whatever you attract is THEN what is attracted you! This is a real eye opener if you think about it! Have you had times in your life like why is there so much negativity in my life? Or why does this continue to happen to me? Well if you take a look at this concept, this will help to explain why! I like to think of this as a magnet. A magnet is attracted to like polarities. It physically attracts metal to the magnet and it sticks to the magnet. This is exactly like our thoughts that we put out in the universe. If you think of positive things, then positive things will come into your life. Conversely, if you think of negative things, then negative things come in to your life.  In order for a thought to be “manifested”it takes 17 seconds of thinking to put the energy into vibration. Now i want to note that you might be thinking something and using the 17 seconds to put it into action, however the Universe “knows” what you really “mean” and “believe” when you are thinking. To demonstrate, if you are not feeling well and you are telling the Universe “I am well,” the universe knows this is contrary to that thought. However, if you told the Universe “I am getting well and better each day” and you really mean and believe this, then that is what the universe will provide. It is really that simple! We think of so many thoughts daily and we don’t even realize that these thoughts have wings! Each thought you put out there is now in the universe ready to be worked on in our world! It doesn’t matter if the thought is positive or negative. But what happens if we realized that we put a thought out to the universe that you DON’T want? This is simple; we can just delete this thought!

Here are some sayings that can be used to delete a thought.
1. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel!
2. Delete, Delete, Delete!
3. Stop, Cancel, Delete!

Since we now know how to cancel off the thoughts we don’t want, let’s look at how to bring in the positive thoughts we do want!

Here is a list of what you can do to attract what you are looking for!
1. Being grateful for the things you do have! Giving gratitude’s to the Universe starts the process!

2. Meditating or thinking positive things on what you want to bring in! Raising your vibration is the key!

3. Set your Intention and write it down then, work on getting it! This show the Universe that you want this particular thing and you are now “active” in starting the process!

4. Believing or having “faith” that this particular thing is actually coming to you! Actually “feel” this coming to you!

By using one of these quick steps to cancel off the negative thoughts, then replace it with the thoughts and actions of what you DO want to come into your life. Remember, likes attract likes, what is it that YOU want to attract in your life!