Manifesting is a term I use a lot with my clients. What does manifesting mean? Manifesting means to “think” what you are wanting to bring into your life and releasing this thought to the Universe! As I said before, “thoughts have wings” so what you are thinking is actually being released to the Universe. Think of this is like a telephone call, you are calling in what you are wanting! Now I want to be clear on this point, you don’t always get what you want! Sometimes what you are wanting is NOT the best choice for you and they give you something better! Other times you might want something but you are giving the Universe “mixed signals.”  To demonstrate: You might be thinking “I want this manager job.” So you put that thought out there. Then you think “I am not sure if I am qualified for it.” Well you first told the universe you wanted the job (positive thought) then you came back and said you “not sure” (negative thought). The Universe is now confused as it is a conflicting message! Do you want the job or not?  When manifesting, one has to make sure that there is NO confusion on what you are wanting! Also, make sure you are putting “feeling” into what you are wanting. When you feel it in your body, then you know you are manifesting.

Here are Some Tips on Manifesting:

  1. Be Crystal Clear on What You Want to Bring into Your Life! When manifesting your thoughts you need to know exactly what you are wanting! You cannot be wavering “if you want this or that” because the Universe won’t know what you really DO want! As with the example from above, if you wanted that manager job here is what I would “think” to the Universe. “I want this manager job. I know I would be great at this job. This job will pay me enough money. I will love working with the people there. This is the job that I am going to be passionate about working there.”  Do you see how all my thoughts to the Universe are positive and very “crystal clear” on what I am wanting?
  1. Believing That You Will Receive What You Are Wanting! Knowing what you want and putting all the positive thoughts to the Universe starts the process, however you have to “believe” and “trust” in the Universe that it will come to fruition! If you just put the thoughts out there but don’t “have faith” in receiving it, well guess what? The Universe knows this too and you “won’t receive what you are trying to manifest!
  1. Staying Positive and Being Patient! This is a key point because sometimes things take longer for it to manifest. The Universe has to work on figuring out a way to get what you are wanting and it is like “weaving” a tapestry to get it to come to fruition! I know this way too well! I wanted this very specific job and I was not wavering on getting what I wanting. This job was hard to achieve as there is only 1 in the country for it. I put my thoughts out there and I had to stay positive and be “patient.” Trust me, this was hard but I did my best! Well wouldn’t you know, the company that I wanted to work for and that very specific job landed in my lap 2 years later! So don’t give up as it may take some time to receive what you are wanting!
  2. Ask Archangel Ariel to Help You Manifest!– Call upon Archangel Ariel when you want to bring something in your life. She is the Archangel that can help you manifest what you are looking for!

Lastly, when manifesting your thoughts, make sure you first know what you want and be crystal clear to the Universe. Believe, trust and stay positive are key elements to bringing this to fruition! It is like planting a seed and watching it grow! Remember YOU write your own script on YOUR journey! If you are wanting something, manifest this to the Universe and then wait to see what happens!