Lately I have been working so much that I haven’t had a chance to take time for myself! I have been running myself down and just not listening to my body. This is a problem because not only am exhausted but also I can’t assist others when I am this way! Taking time for oneself is very important as it starts with you! I am a person that likes to “give” and I wrote about the importance of the power of receiving in a recent blog. Just as much as we give we also have to receive! This also includes “receiving time for oneself” too! Have you been feeling this way too? If so, here are some reasons why it is important to take time for YOU!

  1. Start to Fill Your Cup Up With YOU!– By starting to do stuff for you, you fill YOUR cup up with happiness and joy! This should be the first several layers in your cup. You can’t have a cup that is filled up with everyone else’s joy and happiness but not any of your own. It is like what they say on the airplane “put your mask on first and THEN assist others!”
  2. Take Time to Just Play!-When we allow our Inner Child to “play” we are letting go of the worries for the day! Children don’t have the stress of work, bills or life in general however they do see the importance of having FUN! Take a cue from them and enjoy some “play” time for yourself.
  3. Listen to Your Body!-When we get overworked or stress our bodies let us know that are energy is low and it is time to recharge. The problem is many times we ignore this, as we have too much to do to take a moment and just relax. When we don’t listen, we become sick and then we are FORCED to listen to our body! Take time to listen to your body and enjoy a bubble bath, massage, book or just sitting still.
  4. Enjoy the Moment!– Have you had a moment to just “enjoy” that cup of coffee or that piece of cake? What about just looking at the sunset or watching your kids play? If you haven’t had a chance to do this, you are allowing life to whiz by you and you are not taking the time to see the beauty in the small things! Take a moment to just “breathe” and slow down! See the beauty and gratitude’s in the little things that life gives us!

Lastly, take a moment to just “play” and take time for oneself. By allowing yourself to receive the gift of doing something for you and not others is not being selfish! You need to make sure that you are taking care of YOU first, before we can lend a hand to someone else. So the next time you are feeling taxed, stressed out or run down, what will do you? I know what I am going to do, enjoy that piece of cake that is calling my name!