With the Tucson Gem show being in Arizona the past few weeks, I wanted to blog about the use of crystals. Crystals have been used to assist in balancing, relaxing and healing people’s bodies. Every crystal contains different types of energy that can help to assist you in your daily life. When choosing a crystal, look to see if drawn to a particular stone. Pick it up and put in your hand and feel it vibrate, pulsate or get warm. If this is the case this crystal is for you. When you get home place it under your pillow for 3 nights as the stone will pick up on your energy and become yours. You then can start working with the different crystals that you chose as each stones do different things! Here are a list of some crystals that can be used to assist you in healing and balancing different areas of your life.

Amethyst: This purple stone assists in helping to raise your energy levels, intuition and psychic gifts. It also helps in recalling dreams if put under a pillow at night.

Black Tourmaline: This black stone helps to ground and protect from negative energies.

Bloodstone: This dark green stone with red spots is a healing stone. It helps to boost one’s energy, relieves migraines and detoxifies the liver and kidney.

Celestite: This light blue stone assists in reliving stress and connecting to the Angelic realm.

Citrine: This yellow stone helps manifest positive things and attract them to you.

Fluorite: This mint stone helps to bring clarity, psychic abilities, protection as well as help to heal ones body.

Hematite: This grey stone assists in protecting, balancing and grounding your energy, as well as, stimulating your mind.

Howlite: This white and grey stone helps to calm and aid in helping one to sleep.

Kyanite: This blue stone assists in communication releasing any blocks and helps one to speak their truth. It also helps to keep away negativity and serves as a stone of protection. This stone never needs to be cleared.

Malachite: This green stone helps to protect from negative energies, as well as, assist when one travels. It is a soothing stone which helps on the spiritual path and is great for sensitivity in people and even children.

Rose Quartz: This pink stone represents unconditional love and helps to open and heal one’s heart. It also assists in helping with the grieving process.

Selenite: This clear white stone assists in clearing one’s mind and cleansing one’s aura of any negativity. It is a stone that helps to connect to the Divine.

Smokey Quartz: This grey stone represents protecting unwanted energy and letting go of old thoughts and beliefs. It is also as stone that is good for grounding.

Turquoise: This turquoise stone helps to heal, reduces fever and it assists in connecting with your family line, ancestors and DNA.  It is also known for protection and bringing in good luck.

Lastly, I wanted to mention someone who works with crystals and helps to use them in his life, as well as others! Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker, is a little boy out of Las Vegas who works with crystals daily. He has the ability to hear and talk to the crystals vibrations or energy, otherwise known as a Crystal Child. He creates wonderful crystal healing grids for people, as well as, creates videos on them to explain what they are and how they can help! I also wanted to say “Thank You” to him as he also assisted me on this blog! Check out his site on Facebook Adam, The  Crystal Grid Maker and you can learn about how each crystal works, his healing grids and how they might benefit you!