The other day I was looking out my hotel window, which was on the 15th floor, and I saw a butterfly pass by! I thought, was that really butterfly I just saw? As I watched it flutter away, I realized yes, indeed it was, a pretty yellow butterfly! I am always seeing random butterflies no matter where I go–real ones, ones on clothes or things in the stores, or on logos. (It’s not by chance that our CSG logo is a butterfly!)

So why do I see so many butterflies?

When I was a kid, my sisters and I would catch butterflies all the time with our butterfly nets. We saw so many pretty ones! We’d then defer to our butterfly book to determine what we caught. I always wanted summer to arrive so that we could see what new species we would discover. My grandfather knew this and he would comment on what we caught. We were excited to show him the different ones we discovered. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too many summers to show him butterflies. My grandfather moved back to a little town in Greece where he was born. I didn’t get to see him for many years, until I was an adult. From then on, I would travel to see him every few years, as we were very close. We would talk about when my sisters and I would catch butterflies or fish! (Fishing was my grandpa’s, as well as my, favorite thing to do.) I was so fortunate to spend this time with him. As with all life, my grandpa passed away a few years ago. He lived a long life of 90 years old. I was very sad when I heard this news. I was expecting it for some time, but it still was shocking. After hearing it, I went to take a walk. I was reminiscing about our wonderful talks and times spent together when a white butterfly came out of nowhere! This butterfly kept fluttering by me and then finally went on its merry way. I knew then that it was my grandpa. He wanted to tell me everything is okay and to stop being sad! Several years have passed and I still receive numerous butterflies in my daily life. It can be in the dead of Phoenix winter and one will fly by me. Sometimes he sends me two at a time! When this happens, I know it’s my grandpa and aunt. They are letting me know that they are together saying “hi” and are with me at that time. I feel very blessed that I “hear” from him often via these butterflies! I am always on the lookout for butterflies because I never know when he will be checking in on me. Something as simple as a butterfly has made a world of difference–it helps me know that he is always watching over me. He is still a part of my life! Thanks Grandpa for all the butterflies you have given me. I’m now sending you one back one from me!

butterfly for grandpa