I discovered the art of automatic writing by taking a local class. I had heard about this many times but I wanted to find out more. Automatic writing is a psychic ability that allows a person to receive information via telepathy and these words are not consciously produced. This process can take place by either writing or typing the information that is received. Telepathy is when a person receives information through one’s mind from a loved one on the other side, Spiritual Guide or Ascended Master. In rare instances, a person can audibly hear this information. As I was sitting in the class, I was ultimately amazed at the messages that everyone was receiving. First, we were all given a piece of paper and pencil and we were guided into meditation. Once this short 10 minute meditation was over, I gripped the pencil and was ready to start. I put the tip of the pencil on the paper and made sure that my wrist was not on the table (it is harder for the person on the other side to move your hand if it’s on the table). This felt very odd to me as I was not used to holding my wrist and hand off the table with a pencil so passively. I concentrated and concentrated but nothing happened! I kept hearing others scratching and writing but I was not getting anything. The instructor was encouraging and told me not to give up because it takes a lot of patience and practice. She knew I was frustrated and discouraged and told us to take a five minute break. After this break, we started another session and this time I got something! I was shocked as I felt my hand just moving the pencil. I was not in control of what it was writing on my paper. My pencil made the letter “M” and then a line and then the letter “Y.” I’m not sure why I knew this, but I knew that it was spelling out the word “Mary.” My instructor told us that sometimes they like to begin with spelling out their name and again ending with their name. She looked at my paper and told me that she felt it was “MARY.” She then said to me, “you feel that this is Mother Mary don’t you?” I was shocked because she was reading my mind! I DID feel that this was Mother Mary and I didn’t know what to do. I was internally thinking does she really partake in automatic writing? I didn’t know that answer, however, I did know that she sometimes was in my presence. I have had people tell me that they could see her presence standing behind me on several occasions. What is so strange is that I am not even Catholic! After many weeks of writing and asking if this was her, I finally was convinced that this was Mother Mary. I just had to come to terms that I am able to connect with her via automatic writing. She is there to guide me on my journey. I want to note that it did take me several weeks to be able to start writing sentences with her. She brings me messages in “her” writing style–I print while she writes in cursive. I typically ask her what message she would like to share with me today. On occasions, I do ask her to help me or others with situations that arise. I normally do this before I start the process and she answers those questions too! The time frame on this process takes me about five to ten minutes depending on how long her message is. One of the best stories that I can share confirming it was Mother Mary was when she gave me a message for my sister. I met my sister in San Diego for a sisters’ weekend. I flew into San Diego while my sister drove to meet me. At this point I hadn’t shared the information about automatic writing with anyone! No one knew that I was taking a class or that I was actually getting messages via Mother Mary. How could I share this information if I was not even convinced of what was happening? I sat my sister down and told her that I needed to share something with her. I said you know I am very logical and factual and I then proceeded to tell her about automatic writing. My sister is very open and I can share anything with her; she doesn’t judge me. However, she gave me a “are you off your rocker?” type of look! She wanted me to demonstrate what I was talking about because she was not convinced at all. So I asked Mother Mary if there were any messages that she would like to give my sister and wouldn’t you know she answered a question my sister had asked privately while alone! My sister gasped when I was writing the message to her. She was shaking and had chills all over her body. She kept saying, “You don’t even know that I asked this question while you were flying on a plane!” Then she asked, “How can you answer this question if I didn’t tell anyone about this!” After about 15 minutes, she informed me that while driving to San Diego she was praying in her car and was asking the very question that Mother Mary answered through automatic writing. Needless to say my sister was so freaked out that night that she couldn’t sleep! It took her a day to process this information. She helped me to confirm what I knew all along, Mother Mary is the person I connect with thru automatic writing.

Have you tried automatic writing? What have your experiences been like? Please share in the comments!