I wanted to blog about ascended masters that you can work with in your daily life. Who are the Ascended masters? The Ascended Masters are “spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.” These beings are essential immortal and can be called upon to assist you here on Earth. You are calling on their “higher self” which basically means the person “eternal, omnipotent, consciousness,” which is their real self. How do you call on these Ascended Masters? That is easy, just ask them aloud or in your mind to come in and assist you! I work with Archangel Michael, Saint-German, El Morya, and Mother Mary daily. Sometimes I work with others on the list, when I need something specific that I need them to assist me with. So, try it, you will be surprised how easy it is and how they def can help you! Here is the list of the Ascended Masters!

AENGUS-This relationship is a “Twin Flame” the deepest, one can experience in romantic love. When Twin flames come together, a higher vibration is experienced. Everything is experienced at a heightened level for both individuals.

AMATERASU-This is a time for you to speak your truth and expose what is hidden. “Come out of the Closet” with the people closest to you.

APOLLO-One needs to “Focus on One’s Strengths” during the situation at hand. One’s talents need to be strengthened now. Make sure not to put any energy into any negative thoughts into the situation, as this can manifest and expand more negativity.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-“You Can Do It.” The situation that is present allows for oneself to fulfill one’s life purpose or desire. Now is the time to go forth and not to delay!

AVALOKITESVARA-Take a look at the other person’s point of view in the situation. Try and see this situation from their shoes. Let go of any negative thoughts and emotions when viewing this situation from the other person’s perspective.

BABAJI-“Yoga” will help the situation during this time. Exercise will help one’s energy to maintain positive and heighten the vibration.

EL MORYA-“Clear and Shield” one’s energy at this time. You have taken on some negative energy that needs to be cleansed and released.

EPONA-The use of crystals would be a benefit for you to use now. They can help protect and heal oneself. This includes bath crystals too.

GANESH-The answer to your question is “YES.” Continue on the path to maintain this desire for this situation at hand.

GREEN MAN-It is time to get outside in “Nature.” Soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy the beauty of the earth. Give gratitude’s to all the beauty the earth provides.

HILARION-“Healing” is needed now. This includes one’s own use of healing to help others.

HINA-“Freedom” is what you need at this time. Let go and start manifesting your life purpose, it is now that one can be “free” to start the journey needed.

HORUS-Your view on the situation is correct and valid. Remain positive and go forth with what feels correct for you in this situation.

ISIS– Be more balanced in one’s life. Have equal balance between work and play.

JESUS-Allow ‘Love” to enter one’s heart. Open your heart to receive this love. This includes anything from relationships, health, desires, or life’s purpose.

KING SOLOMON-Keep on the path with ones “Priorities” front and center. One’s positive energy will help to heighten these priorities now.

KRISHNA-You have an underlined “blessing” during the situation at hand. Look for the silver lining in the situation present. When one has recognized the blessing, then manifestation can occur.

KUTHUMI-“Focus” is the key in this situation. Do not become distracted on the path. Keep an open mind and positive energy to manifest this into reality.

LADY NADA– The situation that you are asking about revolves around a significant woman in your life from your past. This could include your ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, sister or mother. For the new relationship to progress, one needs to clear the old energy of a woman from the past, to start a healthy relationship in the future. Ask the angels to assist in this process.

LAKSHMI-“Finances” have been a worry, however this is a time for them to flourish as your answer for prosperity begins.

LUGH-Keep on the path and be “Persistent” on this journey now.

MAHACHOHAN RAGOCZY-It’s time to teach others what you have learned and experienced on your journey. Opportunities have come about to expand oneself by teaching others to grow spirituality. Life lessons are now being manifested with the teachings provided.

MAITRAYA-“Joy” is the key to your path on the future. Continue with “joy” in your heart and this will help in your relationships, as well as, one’s life purpose.

MANJUSHRI-This is a time to mediate or use one’s intuition to “Listen” to the information provided. Look inside, to hear the answers provided or ask the angels and guides to assist as well.

MELCHIZEDEK-The Law of Attraction have brought this situation to you. Like a magnet, this situation was drawing to you. One can change this situation if the individual does not want this to manifest. Adjust ones thoughts and thus it will adjust the energy letting go the attraction.

MERLIN-During this time, one needs “Energy healing” to help the situation at hand. Reiki and Qi Gong are examples of such healing.

MOSES-Be a “Leader” and take charge of the situation at hand. Be clear of what one wants to accomplish and go forth with this desire.

MOTHER MARY-This is a time to “Nurture” oneself and body. Make sure to get more exercise and sleep to bring positive energy in one’s life.

OSHUN-“Water” is essential now for one’s body. Water will help energize the dehydration that one has. Also, one can energize one’s body by being near oceans and lakes too.

OSIRIS-The situation that you are asking about revolves around a significant man in your life from your past. This could include your ex- boyfriend, ex-husband, brother or father. In order for the new relationship to progress, one needs to clear the old energy of a man from the past, to start a healthy relationship in the future. Ask the angels to assist in this process.

PALLAS ATHENA– “Drama” has entered your life at this time. It is now, that one needs to let go and walk away. Focus on the positive aspects of the issue at hand.

PAN-This is a great time for the “birth” of new things. This includes, projects, ideas or even conception of a baby.

PARAMAHANSA YOGARIDANA– Peace is the path that one needs to choose at this time.

PARAVATI-Your spiritual growth is expanding, with many changes for your likes and dislikes now. Situations that one used to enjoy, now have been outgrown. It’s time to welcome in the “Positive Change” that is present.

PAUL THE VENETIAN– Your artistic talents need to be brought to the surface and displayed.

QUAN YIN-“Let Go” of situations and let the energy flow. One can make situations worse if the energy is blocked. This is also a time to let go of anger, fear or animosity. Ask for spiritual guidance to assist too.

SAINT-GERMAIN-You have the ability to tackle the situation now that is in question. Use your abilities and focus on the intentions desired.

SERAPIS BAY-It is time to “Go Now” and let go off any situation that is toxic or negative. This card reminds you that NOW is the time for you to move onto something more desirable and positive.

SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA BUDDA-“Meditation” is the key to hear the answer one needs. Look within oneself to hear this answer.

  1. FRANCIS-Whatever you have asked now, make sure it’s aligned with your heart. Your “hearts desire” will come to fruition. Have faith that this situation will work out the way your heart intends.

THOTH-Now is the time to “Write” and let your feelings be known. Put pen to paper or use a laptop to spew the feelings within.

VISHNU-“Trust” that the situation presented is indeed going to manifest to fruition. Keep one’s vibrations high too.

WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN-Resolve the situation, let go. It is time to forgive and forget the situation at hand.

WHITE TARA-“Purification” is needed during the situation at hand. Keep one’s intentions pure as well as one’s body too. Also, one’s actions could also be adjusted during this time.