This week I have had a few clients ask me the effects of readings once they have read with me, so I thought I would blog about it today. See what to expect after receiving a reading or healing.

  1. Reading ONLY- After a reading nothing has changed energically for you. I am just giving you information. You will NOT feel: Physically Sick, Cursed, or Negative things happen from the reading.
  2. Reading With Chakra Cleaning- After a reading and Chakra cleaning, you may feel tired or can feel the energy of the cleaning of the Chakras. I always tell clients to sage themselves after this, because I clean the body and it gets dumped in the aura. If you don’t sage yourself, you will be walking around like “Pigpen” from Peanuts, permeating with this funky energy. Once this has been completed, you should be feeling just fine and back to normal.
  3. Reading With Reiki- After a reading with Reiki, you will feel a lightness and sometimes even energized from Reiki. You will not feel any negative effects, as I am just moving the energy out of the body.
  4. SRT Cleaning- After an SRT Cleaning, you may feel tired, drained, hungry, or feel like you got run over by a Mack truck. This is completely normal because I have not only cleaned your chakras, but also any other blocked energy in the body. This can also include past life things too. Basically, this type of cleaning is a total overhaul of your body. Think of getting your car tuned up after 30,000 miles, it’s the same thing. Again, I tell clients to sage themselves once the cleaning has been completed and if its very heavy, take an Epsom Salt bath too. This will help to clean your aura. I tell clients that this will last for about 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on how sensitive you are. Sometimes clients are very sensitive, and they can become nauseous or ill. This is normal and will go away within this timeframe.
  5. SRT Tune Up Cleaning- After an SRT Tune Up Cleaning, this is a lighter version than SRT. Since a client has had the deep overhaul, this is just like getting the spark plugs changed. Again, I have client’s sage themselves or take an Epsom Salt Bath. Once this is completed, clients should feel lighter and more refreshed.