Today I wanted to blog about what I do when I need extra help from the Other Side. I have blogged about Angels and the Archangels who I use on a daily basis, however sometimes you need to call in MORE help! Calling in the “Legion of Angels” is calling in 10-1000 Angels to come and assist you with whatever you are asking for. So think of this as a big group of Angels with bringing in 10 times the power! To call upon them, you would ask the same way you would with the Angels and Archangels as they are here to assist you at any time. The way I ask is “Angels, Archangels and the Legion of Angels please come in now to assist me with …..!” This then tells them to come to assist you. I have used them many times when I need more backup of help. I recently used them for a friend of mines dad that was having some serious health issues and was declining in the ICU. She told me that at one point he just started to get better and awake! She couldn’t believe it as he was in there for days and getting worse each day. When he got out of the hospital I told her that I called upon the Legion of Angels to come and help heal her father. She immediately said she knew something had happened because at one point she felt a lot of energy and love in the room. After she felt this energy, her father became awake and started to talk and asking where he was! So the next time you are in need of more backup of help, call upon the Legion of Angels to assist as well. You will be surprised how quick they come and how powerful of a punch they can really be!