Have you been seeing the number 444 lately? If so, what does this mean? I have blogged about seeing different numbers before and each sequence has a different message. You can read about Angel number 555. When you are seeing any repeated pattern or sequence of numbers, many times the Angels are trying to communicate to you with a message. You might be asking the Angels, Universe, God, Higher being (whatever that is to you) for help. This can spoken out loud or just a thought in your mind. Or other times, you may just be worried about a situation and the Angels/ Universe recognize this. Just know that this message is heard and they can get your attention by showing you numbers, so you can receive their message back. These numbers can come from any source such as, the time on a clock, receipt, license plate, phone number etc. Pay attention, as you will be amazed at what the message with the numbers mean.  This pattern of numbers, 444, is very common to see from your Angels. The number 444 means that the Angels are all around you, surrounding you and with you, there is nothing to fear! This is a beautiful message from you Angels! So, rest assured that what you been asking for or worried about is taken care of as they are with you during this situation. Once you start to be aware that they can communicate with you, they will give you different numbers as well! You can go online and look up “Angel number (…)” and you can find out what their message is back to you! The more you work with the Angels and ask for their help, the more messages you will receive! Try it and have fun with it! You will be amazed at what they have to share with you!