We are in the full fledge of summer and have you been enjoying it? What have you done this summer? If you haven’t gotten out yet to enjoy it, take time now to breathe in the air. Take time to bask in the sun and enjoy its rays. RELAX! Many times, we are so inundated with life that we forget to take a break. Summer is a great reminder to take that break and have FUN! I will hear clients, “l I don’t have the money to take a vacation.” Who says you need money? You can take a walk, go to the beach, the park or reading a book. Just taking a bit of time for self, can be part of relaxation and a vacation for yourself. Maybe you have been putting off a project that you have been wanting to do. Get it out now and enjoy the time on working through it now. I love the summer because not only do we have so much sun, but our days are longer with the daylight. So, when its after 7pm out, it is still light out and I feel that I have more time to do things because of it. I feel more energy in the summer because of the sun too. So, if you haven’t been enjoying it this year, get a pen and paper and write down 5 things that you are going to do this month, to enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be so big; it can be as simple as watching the sunset. I just took time for myself the last few days and read 2 books. I was so happy because I haven’t had a moment to take the time to just enjoy reading. Anyways, whatever you enjoy, do it! Immerse yourself in taking time for yourself and see how much joy you will receive!