Spirit Animals

We as humans are very connected to animals here on earth. A variety of cultures have found them to be sacred in many forms. There is such a beauty that comes through their pure souls. They have much to teach us! Often, we overlook the significance of what they are here to tell us. They can lead us to a certain insight into our lives and what guidance we need as well. For instance, say there’s always annoying gnats following you around and finding you wherever you go. Well, that’s a sign to look up what that gnat means! Spirit animals have no ill will towards anyone, just like angels. They are here to help us throughout our life journey. When you are thinking of someone or something and a butterfly flies past it’s a sign! There’s a connection happening between you and that animal that signifies a beautiful meaning to something you should know. Pay attention to how you feel in these moments. I love to find myself in a moment feeling or thinking about something, and an animal of some sort will make itself known. I then look up the spiritual meaning of the animal and it always resonates with me in the moment I need it. They always have the perfect answer and can give much insight into the depths of things that we cannot always see. If you are in a hard time in life and a certain animal keeps showing up to you over and over again it means it is trying to guide you. Sometimes it takes a bit to notice the repetition. Once you do and figure out the meaning the animal tends to fade away with another soon to show. Often the spirit animal hears your soul and seeks you out to help love, support, and protect you and help you gain knowledge for your life situation. Pay attention to the animals you love the most or have always been drawn to, including your childhood and ones that come to you in your dreams. They are here to help you learn and grow and want to be right by your side. Once I remember driving and thinking about a specific topic in my life and looking over while at a stop light and a business sign had a camel on it. Immediately when I got home, I looked up the meaning and it was spot on. You can call on any animal your spirit is drawn to and ask it for help. We may not know why we are calling in a certain animal, but they do and they will use their all being to help you with grace and love.

By Lindsay Cavolo