Since Halloween is right around the corner, I wanted to blog about Dia De Los Muertos which means the Day of the Dead. This wonderful Mexican tradition is a celebration of the passing of our loved ones on Halloween. The purpose of this celebration is to honor and celebrate the “cycle of life” that a loved one(s) had here on Earth school. People make alters with pictures, candles, flowers and also make food for this celebration.  Others go to the cemeteries to celebrate there, as this is the resting place for the person that has passed.  For me, the reason that I love this wonderful traditional holiday is that we are celebrating one’s life! Knowing that our lives continue after we leave here on Earth. When we come together to celebrate, we are remember that it is just a cycle or portion of our lives. We understand that there is more to do in the Afterlife and it just a transition state to do something else. Another reason I like this holiday is that this is when the “veil” to the other side is the closest to Earth. The best way I can interpret this is that the other side is just 1 story or layer above Earth. So this “veil” is thinner at this time of year and it’s easier for the people in Earth school to tap into or access their loved ones that have passed. During this time, many people believe that they can either see, hear or feel their loved ones easier. Many people like to take photos or videos as evidence that their loved ones are around to celebrate too. The evidence is showing in “orbs” or white hazes in the photos or other things in the photos / videos which cannot be explained. Since you have a bit more information about this wonderful holiday, decide if this is something that resonates with you! If it does, then find out if your town is having a Dia De Los Muertos parade or festival where you live. I attended a festival last year and I made some really cool skull art pieces, decorated cookies, bought some wonderful skull crystals and enjoyed the wonderful tradition of this holiday. Check it out, and enjoy the circle of life and celebration of our loved ones that have passed!