What are “Pendulums?” Pendulums are tools that can be used to answer questions from the Spirit world. They consist of a chain or string with a weight of some kind attached to the bottom of it. This is very similar to a necklace with a charm on it. Some people actually use their favorite necklaces as pendulums!

How do you use pendulums
Before I start using my pendulum, I ask for my guide or person from the other side to be present with me to answer my questions. Using the pendulum, I ask this particular person, whom I want to talk to, if it is them and I make sure it answers “YES.” This way I know that I’m talking to person I’m actually asking for. (You will be able to do this once you are able to figure out what direction your “YES” is. In the meantime, I would ask for the White Light to be present if you don’t know which way your “YES” is, so that you are protected.) Take the pendulum and hold the very tip of the top of the chain or string. Hold this very passively. Next place your elbow on a table and hold it there steadily, make sure you are holding this very STILL. Then ask Spirit a question that you know to be a “YES” answer. I would suggest using your name. To demonstrate “Is my name Terri?” Then watch and see how the pendulum moves. Does it move in a circle or does it go swing back and forth in a straight line? Once you determined which way is “Yes” for you, then do the same thing asking a “NO” question. You can “test” this again asking a few different questions for yeses and no’s to confirm the direction for each. When I use my pendulum my “Yes” is a circle and my “No” is a straight line. Remember everyone is different so yours could be the opposite of mine.

Why do we use pendulums?
We use pendulums as another tool to help us be guided by Spirit. If you are in a quandary over what to do his would be an excellent way to figure out what path to take. Sometimes I use my pendulum to talk to my Aunt Penny on the other side. She comes to visit me often and I want to just know how she is doing.  I ask her questions that are yes and no so she can respond back to me.

Types of Pendulums
I have a few different pendulums. I use one that has a sodalite stone that is formed into a pendulum. Sodalite is a semiprecious gemstone that has blue, white and black in it. This  reminds me of a robins egg! I have another pendulum that is all pink and it’s a lot bigger than my sodalite stone. I use this one a lot to ask my Aunt questions. Kim says it has a lot of loving energy when she picked it up. Sometimes, if I don’t have my pendulum with me, I use my favorite heart necklace! Actually this was my first pendulum when I started out! Pendulums are great tools to help answer questions you may have. This is a very easy way for you to connect with your guides or loved ones. Remember to always ask for the person you want to connect with so you know it’s them! Enjoy!