I wanted to blog about a healing session that I received called the 13th Octave La Ho Chi. This a powerful high frequency ancient energy healing, that works with The Love Counsel, Ascended Masters, and the Archangels. Some of the Ascended Masters include: St. Germanine, Jesus, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, El Morya and Lao Tzu. The Archangels that assist with this type of healing include: Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Jophiel. The octave system relates to the measurement of music. The 13th level “is the point at which the sound and vibration of God is felt, it is beyond hearing, beyond human ears, but it is clearly felt throughout the Universe.” The benefits of doing this type of healing include many things such as: aligning, expanding and balancing the soul, releasing and clearing blocks and belief systems, repairing and restoring energetic grid, activates 3rd eye, and opens the heart for forgiveness. For my La Ho Chi healing, I saw Melody who performed this wondering session. She called in the Ascended Masters and Archangels to start the session. Melody then had me lay down on a table and had me hold Leumarian crystals in both hands. She asked me to set an intention of what I would like to clear with this energy session. Once I was set the intention, she started to use her hands and started at my head and worked her way down my body until she got to the hip area, moving energy. There were different points on my body, like throat chakra, 3rd eye, heart chakra where she moved the energy.  I felt energy move from my 3rd eye and felt pressure there and it would then dissipate and move down my body. The energy where I felt the most clearing was in my 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakra. As she was moving my energy throughout my body, I felt the Archangels and Masters working with her.  I was in a meditative state with so much peace. I was relaxed and felt the healing occurring throughout my entire body as the energy would move from my head down through my feet. I also felt the energy move through my arms too, another releasing area. The session was 45 minutes and when I stood up, I felt so clear in my heart and throat chakra area. I left feeling revitalized, open, and clear in my mind. The benefits that I received were the activation of my 3rd eye, clearing of my heart area, and bringing forth forgiveness that I needed to release. As well as, my throat area being opened, which had stuck energy there.  I would highly recommend this type of healing if you need to move any kind of energy that is stagnant. Contact Melody Davis at Eagles Moon Healing and tell her I refereed you, you won’t be disappointed!