Are a sensitive person or an empath? Do you feel other people’s energy easily? If so, you are clairsentient which I have blogged about before. However, some people that are clairsentient have more of a heighten sensitivity to energy. I wanted to share some traits for highly sensitive people (HSP). Since I am an HSP myself, I know that I am more prone to heighten awareness of energy. Knowing the traits will help you understand that you are not alone, and it is common for HSP people.

Here are some traits for HSP people.

  1. You are very sensitive and cry a lot.
  2. You take on other people’s pain as you feel it as yours.
  3. It is hard to be around loud noises or bright lights hurt your eyes.
  4. You become overwhelmed easily and become stressed or ridden with anxiety.
  5. You feel the energies of the world or any shifts in the earth or environment.
  6. You are overstimulated or you have a sensory overload of feelings or emotions.
  7. You are shy, depressed or have low self-esteem.
  8. You have a hard time setting boundaries and can’t say “no” to others.
  9. You want to help others so and fix everyone’s problems because you don’t want them to suffer.
  10. You become “hangry” if you don’t eat at your normal time.
  11. You have a hard time watching the news or violent movies.
  12. You need to be in nature to just fill your body up and recharge.
  13. You don’t like to be in crowds or tight spaces like elevators because you feel everyone’s energy.
  14. You like animals more than people because they cannot hurt you.
  15. People tell you that you are “too sensitive” and you need to get over it!


If you can answer YES to most of these traits, you are more than likely that you are an HSP person.  Since you now know this information, embrace your sensitivity! Know what works for you and what does not!  I know for myself that I avoid the news or anything that is violent on the TV or movies. I make sure I take snacks with me, so I won’t be hangry! I always have sunglasses, eye masks and ear plugs too when I’m traveling! I also try and avoid things that trigger my sensitivity, so I won’t have anxiety or be on sensory overload.  Remember to embrace being an HSP it’s not a bad thing but a good thing! You are just more sensitive to the energies around you which means you can pick up frequencies better! Think of yourself like a radio transmitter, you are dialed in! Use it to your advantage because you will know what is your energy and what is not. Also, if you feel that something is wrong and funky listen to it, you are picking up a signal! Pay attention because you are getting the correct information! Being an HSP is an elite group of people! Use it to your advantage because you will be surprised how much it can add to your life, not take away!