What is clairsentient? Clairsentience is an ability to clearly sense physical and emotional feelings from past, present and future. People who are clairsentient are very sensitive beings who are able to tap into the vibrations of energies from others. This is also is known as an empathy.  Many times clairsentient people have a hard time being in crowds or even small spaces like elevators as the energy is so concentrated. There are different types of clairsentience. Take a look and see if any of these resonate with you!

  1. Physical Ailments-You might start to get a headache, stomach pains or sweaty out of nowhere but you were feeling fine all day. Then you leave this area or person and you are fine again. This was triggered because you came in contact with a vibration that you were able to feel the energy.
  2. Empathy –You have been in a happy state all day, then a person comes up to you who is sad, angry or depressed. They talk to you and leave feeling great and then you feel terrible? This is an emphatic type of energy. You took on another person feelings and emotions that are not yours as you tapped into their vibration of this energy they were exuding.
  3. Psychometry –Touching a person’s photo or an object (like jewelry or clothing), relays energetic information about this person. This type of information is picked up on by a Clairsentient person who is able to receive personality traits or impressions on situations this person has encountered.

How to Help Shield a Clairsentient Person

If you determine that you are clairsentient person, I would suggest getting a crystal called “black tourmaline.” This crystal acts as a shield or I call it my “fish filter” as it filters out the vibrations into the rock and not into me! Every few weeks or so put it in the sun or moon to clear the stone and recharge it. I tell my clients I cannot leave my house without this crystal as I am not sure what energies I might encounter for the day! I put the small crystal in my pocket to help shield me throughout the day as well as when I do my readings too!

Lastly, clairsentient people are very sensitive to energies and vibrations. They are able to tap into others frequencies with ease. However this can become a problem if they are not aware that they are sensitive to others. If you start to realize that you are picking up on other people’s energies and vibration, get a black tourmaline crystal and wear it! You will be surprised on how this crystal can help to shield you from other peoples energies!