Today I wanted to touch on Forgiving and Not Judging in situations. I have a lot of clients that have had this come up in their readings lately! What does it mean to forgive and not judge? I always tell clients that there are situations that are thrust upon us, where people have hurt us and have said unkind words that pierce us to the core of our soul. However, just because they have done this we need try to step back and begin to think differently about this. Think of “forgiving” as a way to help heal you from the situation that took place. I do want to point out that forgiveness is a journey and it may take many years to heal. However, it is when we can dive into what has caused us pain or possibly trauma, we are looking directly at this situation to get to the root of the matter.  When we get to that very core, we can then change the way we feel about the situation and our vibration changes too! When you no longer “feel” anything about that situation is when you are truly healed. This is when true forgiveness and no judging take place!

Here are Some Reasons Why one Should Forgive and Not Judge.

  1. If We Don’t Forgive We Hurt Ourselves More! When we are faced with a situation and we don’t forgive the person that hurt us we are actually hurting ourselves more. The reason for this is that you are now holding on to the anger and hurt inside and now its “festering” in your body! I want to note that it doesn’t mean you are condoning their behavior, it just means you are able to forgive them for what happened.
  2. Judging Someone Allows You to Operate at a Lower Vibration! When you judge someone you are holding them to a particular standard. Who says your standard is right for them? This is a low and negative vibration. This type of vibration and energy continues to build negative things inside one’s body until it is released.
  3. There is Always a Lesson and Blessing from the Situation! When you come to “Earth School” there are 2 things that we come to do, love and forgive. If you dont forgive, you will repeat this level in school and it is not worth it! I tell people look at what the lesson it taught you as well as the blessing! When you can look from this perspective, this might be easier to forgive and not judge someone!
  4. They May be a Lower Soul than You. Have you ever thought that you might be more of a wise person than them? Well maybe you actually are! I always say we come to Earth many times, which is “school” and we are here to learn different levels in school. You might be on a high school level this lifetime and they may be on a middle school level, thus being a lower level soul than you! With this knowledge, remember they might not have learned all the lessons that you have learned so far!

Finally, by forgiving and not judging others in situations you are allowing yourself to raise your vibration to a positive level. When one doesn’t forgive and judges, this brings a negative vibration and allows for negative energy in one’s aura. By taking a different approach of positive thinking, you are allowing more positive things to flow to you because of your behavior. The next time you are in a situation where you might want to not forgive and judge, what will you do?