Have you heard of the terminology Indigo, crystal or rainbow child? What does this mean? These types of children (light-workers) are here with a special purpose to help us in Earth school. The names of these children indicate the color of their auras and energy pattern. As an Indigo child, since I was small, I always knew that I was here for an important mission. I am not sure why I knew this but I did! It was like instilled in with me, like I wanted to be an adult now to start working on this mission! Since then I have meet other Indigo’s but have been meeting the new generations that came after mine. Each of these children have unique characteristics that help to identify them. Here are the different classifications of each of them.

  1. Indigo Children- These children were mostly born in the 1970’s and are the warriors. They are very determined and are very fierce with actions. They are here to help Earth school with getting rid of the old systems that no longer serve the collective good. They want to break down the authoritative systems of power like government, educational or legal systems that are hindering Earth school. They also want to fix problems. Some of the characteristics include: sensitive, psychic, blue auras, clairvoyant, have integrity, detect dishonesty and often were labeled ADHD or some type of form of this or leaning disability.
  2. Crystal Children- These children came after the Indigo children and are very gentle and forgiving. They are here to help Earth school work on communication with the other side. They want to do something to help others, animals or the environment that is in need. Many of these children speak later due to the fact that they are used to speaking telepathically. Also, these children sometimes are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD which is sad as they are just vibrating at a higher frequency! Some of the characteristics include: telepathic communication, sensitive, caring, big eyes, loving, angelic like, spiritual teacher, opulent aura and connection to plants, animals and crystals.
  3. Rainbow Children- These are the latest generation of children that are now evolving into our world. They are here to help Earth School bring in the rainbow spectrum of light into our bodies. This will help us integrate better into our daily worlds. They love to just love others and let bygones be bygones as they are all about harmony.

Lastly, the different types of children that have been coming to Earth school are here for a purpose. Each generation provides something different from the last. When we recognize these children you will start to see the characteristics of them and why they are here. So, take a look around you, are you or someone you know one of these generations of light-workers?