I love to communicate with the Angels! They are always here to assist us on our journey in Earth but we must ask for their help. Asking is the key for them to assist you. People always ask me about angel communication. They want to know how you can communicate with them. One of the ways they can communicate with you is that they can send you feathers. But did you know that there are different meanings to the colors of the feathers? Each color has a different meaning to them. See the different colors below and see what your Angels are telling you!

  1. Black Feather– You are protected. Spiritual Wisdom and magic are within you.
  2. Grey Feather– Calmer days are coming. The answer to your question is not black/white or yes/ no.
  3. Black and White Feather– Change is on its way.
  4. Blue/Lilac Feather-You are having a Spiritual Awakening. You are calm. Communication and awareness. Remember to listen.
  5. Pink Feather– Love is in the Air. Your Angels love you.
  6. White Feather– Your Angel is with you and you are protected. Keep the Faith. Your Loved ones in Heaven are doing well.
  7. Green Feather– Allow Nature to take its course. An opportunity can come your way. Abundance, Money and Health.
  8. Yellow Feather– Expect good news. Be cheerful and light-hearted. Stay focused on what you want to bring blessings in your life.
  9. Brown Feather- Stay grounded and have stability. Balance and Home life.
  10. Purple Feather- Spirituality, opening psychically and transmutation of negativity.
  11. Orange Feather- Listen to your inner voice. Staying positive to attract success.
  12. Red Feather- Life force energy. Strength, courage, passion and stability.