There is so much misconception around the word “karma.” Many people use it incorrectly, so I wanted to clear this up. What is Karma? Karma to me, just means an action. You are “balancing out” something that you did currently or in a previous life. This is how it is viewed in Hinduism and Buddhism, “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.” Karma means “deed” in Sanskrit. These “deeds” can be good or bad, just think of this as an “echo” of what you put out. This is NOT a “punishment” of a deed that you are putting out to the Universe, it IS a “consequence” of that deed. You are balancing out or seeing both sides of the spectrum in a situation, from the original action that took place. To demonstrate, if you left your husband in another lifetime, then in another lifetime someone will leave you. This is to show you both sides of the coin. We create our own lives and journeys and thus we are responsible for them. When you recognize your “intent” or what you are putting out to the Universe, just know you are creating karma! Remember, this can be good or bad, so make sure what your intent is, will be the result of what you put out! Understanding the true meaning of karma, now allows one to understand how it truly works in the Universe. Remember, thoughts are things, and ask yourself, what karma am I creating? If it is not something you want as a consequence, change it so that you will receive your desired result!