Clients always ask me about “soulmates” so I wanted to blog about it today. What is a soulmate? A soulmate is defined as “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.” This person is someone you usually feel like you have an instant chemistry with or you feel like you have known this person before. Well the truth is, you HAVE! A soulmate is someone that you know from the other side and you contracted with this person to come in to this Earth school to learn a lesson with. However, I want to clear up some misconceptions of soulmates, especially when it is thought of on a romantic front. Many people feel there is only one soulmate for them, well this is not true! The reason for this is that we come to Earth school many times, you have had soulmates from each of those lives! You can potentially bump into several soulmates in your lifetime! What I tell clients is you want to know if “this is the right soulmate and lifetime partner for THIS lifetime!” So, if you have felt a connection with someone that you felt was a soulmate, it most likely was. If you were in a romantic relationship with this person and things were going great and suddenly it just hit a dead end, this is very normal. Many times, you contract to come back to Earth school to clean up “karma” from other lives. Basically, you met up with this person to work on issues that were not cleaned up from another lifetime and then the relationship will end once it was worked out. However, many people have a hard time letting this relationship go because they feel like this is their soulmate or feel that they can’t walk away from the relationship because of this connection. I can tell you that again, this is very normal. Just know that what you are feeling happens to many people and that you can walk away. Don’t worry, you will be led to meet up with the soulmate that you contracted for in this lifetime! Many times, we clean up what was (with an old soulmate) to show us what we DO want in a relationship. It is like a practice run or runs, before you meet up with your soulmate of this earth school. So, don’t be frustrated, worried or maybe you even feel like you were crazy what happened with a soulmate(s) from another lifetime(s). Just know it was to clean up karma to lead you to the soulmate of this lifetime!