Are you one of those people that has a hard time telling people what you really feel? Do you have a hard time telling people No? Do you feel that by telling people how you feel, you will think you will hurt them and then you will feel guilty?  If any of this is you, you need to let all of this go and just speak your truth. When you speak your truth, you are not holding in what you need to say. When we hold the information in, it starts to get stuck in your throat chakra area. When this happens, you might start to get a scratchy throat or even worse laryngitis if you hold your words in for so long. This is what happened to me for years, I would lose my voice several times a year for days to weeks. However, I didn’t realize why this was happening to me, now I understand why. I was holding all my words in for years and they were stuck. For this not to happen, you need to speak your truth and say what you mean. I tell clients, you can say what you mean without BEING mean. What this means is that, you can speak your truth without being mean about it. When you are speaking your truth, you are being authentic to who you are. This is important because you are not holding back on how you FEEL about a situation. You are saying what you mean. Remember, this is the important because you are being you! So, start to take steps to work on this. This can be just a small step, like saying “no” to having lunch with someone. Try the small steps first, and then keep working at it. The more you speak your truth, the more it becomes easier to say. Soon you will be able to start to say what you mean!