I was watching a Steve Harvey show the other day and it was about happiness. The topic of happiness reminded me about how we can achieve it, remember “It is Your Responsibility to Do You!” When we are happy we are able to give back to others. When we are happy we are able to see things in a more positive light. When we are happy, our vibration raises and more positive things attract into us. When we are happy our goal, dreams and future just seem brighter and easy to attain! So how do we start to be happy? One starts to be happy by YOU wanting to be happy, it starts with YOU! When you realize that YOU are the key to find happiness, then you can start to change the energy to bring in more happiness!

Here are Some Ways to Bring in More Happiness!

  1. Live and Be Happy!-When you decide to live and be happy, you are changing the vibration to that level. Our thoughts are so powerful, thinking and saying you are happy makes you live and be happy!
  2. Be Happy with What You Have! – When we are thankful for what we have, we can look at the cup half full. Be grateful for the small things, like water to drink and a house to live under. Many people around the world are not so blessed with just these small things that we take for granted
  3. Enjoy the Journey along the Way!-Be happy with what your journey has provided you so far. We all have our ups and downs, but be grateful for the good and bad. When we can be happy for even the hard times in our lives, it makes the good times even brighter!
  4. Be Grateful for Every Relationship- Look at all your relationships that you have in your life. Some are good and others can be challenging. Be grateful for the good ones and make those count. When we do encounter ones that are not the best, see the blessing and the lesson in those too!
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Ditch the Material Stuff! – The old saying is you need to keep up with the Jones’ but who says? Who cares what the Jones or anyone else has that you don’t. Don’t compare yourself to others and let the material things go. Remember material things are just stuff and that it can’t bring happiness in the long run!
  6. See Yourself as an Asset-When we can view ourselves as valuable, then we feel that we are contributing to something. This is called “self-worth.” Know that you are important and valuable and you will see how you demeanor and vibration changes. You will become happier when you know you ARE worthy!
  7. Work Hard but Play Just as Hard! – There needs to be a balance with work and play. When we work too much and don’t play we become irritated and our vibration becomes lower. When there is a balance, our vibration is higher and we are happier because we are able to do what we love too!

Lastly, if you want more happiness to come into your life, then change it! Use some of these ideas to bring in more happiness. When you realize that it is up to YOU to change your life to be happier, then you are allowing the energy to change. Being happy not only raises your vibration but it raises the people’s vibration around you too! Is it time for you to be happier?