Recently I have had clients continually ask me this question, “how do I ask the angels for help?” Since it has been a reoccurring question, I felt this was something I should blog about. I have blogged about Angels before and they are always here to help us if we just ASK! In order to invoke them, it is very simple. You can either say it out loud as you are speaking to someone, think it in your mind or pray and ask them. No way is better than the other, it is just how you want to ask! So, for me, I usually think it in my mind, or I saw it out loud. To give you an example, let’s say my issue is needing to lose weight. I am asking out loud, “Angels I need to lose weight, can you please assist me with making the right choices of food at the grocery store and in restaurants, so I can lose the pounds but still be healthy. Thank you!” It is as easy as that! Now I want to mention, when you are asking, you need to put the energy into the words and “mean” what you are saying. If you are just saying the words with no meaning behind it, this will NOT work. You must put the energy in the words and WANT it. That is the biggest key here. The angels know when you are just saying things and when you are really “meaning” it. Remember we are all made up of energy and so are your words, so put the power behind those words. Now I ask you, what are you in need of that the Angels can help you work on?