Lately I have had several clients that I have seen that have “Healing Hands.” What does it mean to have “Healing Hands?” I always tell clients that when we come to Earth, this is school for us. We come to school many times during our past lives and we complete different grade levels within each life. On one of those times in school, or maybe this lifetime, you chose to be a Healer! Healers use their hands to assist others with healing. These type of people include: doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, sports therapy or Reiki. Usually when I tell clients this information, they nod their head and tell me they are drawn to the medical field or are interested in some type of Energy Healing!

How Can You Tell if You Have Healing Hands?

There are a few things that can help decipher if you might have Healing Hands.

  1. Your Palms Get Sweaty.In the middle of your palms you have “chakras,” if you are not familiar with this terminology read my blog Chakras 101.” The chakras radiate heat through the palm and become hot and sweaty. Many times the fingers will be cold but the palms are hot.
  2. Crystals. Test your hands using a crystal in your non-dominate hand. Put the crystal in your hand and make a fist. Leave in there for a few minutes and see what happens. Healing Hands will usually make the crystal become hot, vibrate or pulsate. This is an indicator that you have Healing Hands. Crystals assist Healers in their work and this is the reason that this reaction occurs.
  3. You Are Interested in Some Type of Healing. Many times it is just the thought of wanting to work in the medical field or just the word “healing” might resonate with an individual. Many times I hear clients say “I always wanted to take a class in Reiki but I don’t know what that means!” These thoughts sometimes are indicators that you are supposed to be a Healer in this life!

Since you now know a few things about Healing Hands, does this resonate with you? If it does, I would suggest exploring this more in depth. You might be surprised on how much it actually could make a difference in your life!