Since the Tucson Gem Show is in full swing, I wanted to blog about 3 crystals that can help to ground a person. “Grounding” is feeling like your soul (not your shell, which is your body) is connected to Mother Earth. For me, I feel like I always want to leave this earth and fly away, which  is the best way I can describe it. When you are grounded, you can appreciate Earth School and everything it can offer you, instead of wanting to go to the Other side! I have always used a “hematite” crystal for grounding but I knew I needed some more to assist with this process. So, on my quest at the Gem show, I was very interested in locating this stone that my student had which is called “Apache Gold” or it can also be called “Healers Gold.” This stone was a bit hard to find at the show but I was glad I was persistent. The stone can be a mixture of all gold or have black with gold in it. I bought this stone and have had it in my pocket for a few days and it has made me feel that I am more connected to Mother Earth. As it turns out, I had another student give me a different stone unexpectedly called “Apache Tears.” This stone is also a grounding stone too and it is pure black. What is funny about this is that the Universe always knows what you need. The Apache gold  stone is big for my pocket and I can’t use it every day as it is just a bit heavy. The dealer that sold it didn’t have anything smaller. I was literally saying to a friend, “I wish I could find a stone that would fit in my pocket.”  Well wouldn’t you know it, the very next day after the Gem show, my student said “I have an extract Apache Tear stone do you need one?” She didn’t even know I was asking for a grounding stone! So now I have two different grounding stones and they are working! So if you are like me and are having a hard time to connect to Mother Earth, pick up one of these stones and see how much of a difference they can make for you too!