I have had many clients in the past few weeks that needed some type of cord cut from an attachment to a specific relationship, so let’s discuss this today in my blog. What does it mean to “cut cords energetically?” The best way I can describe this is think of an umbilical cord of a baby that is attached to its mother. The baby cannot survive without its mother until it is born and then the cord is cut and it becomes a separate being. This would be the same thing. A person has an energetic umbilical cord or attachment to a person when you have any type of relationship with them. You become connected to another by attaching to their 1 or more of their chakras, as well as, emotionally. If you are not sure what chakras mean, I wrote about this in my blog Chakras 101.” Another way to think about this is that you “plugged in” to another person’s outlet! When we got through situations in relationships sometimes they may be painful or traumatic, thus creating an energetic cord with that person. To demonstrate, if you experienced a heartache in a relationship caused by another because they cheated on you, you would create a cord from your heart chakra to their heart chakra. This cord creates energy of this situation and it will stay with both people even if you have broken up for years!  The issue is that most people are not aware that this cord is still connected! A person could “think” they moved on completely from this relationship however the cord is still attached. This is why a person might still be thinking of that other person or why a person cannot move on to start a new relationship. Or in other instances a person did move on to a new relationship however they are experiencing the same issues they had before in the last relationship with this cord! Does this resonate with you?

Here are Some Reasons to Cut Cords Energetically

  1. Completely End a Relationship– When you are finished with a past relationship this is an important step to complete. Cutting ties with this person allows one to finally end this relationship so you can start fresh in the next relationship! It is like turning the chapter in a book!
  2. Disassociating with Lower Vibrations– When you cut cords this allows for one not to get trapped in the loop of lower vibrations. This happens to many people as they say they are going to leave their relationship but they continue to keep going back and back. They are caught in a low vibrational spiral and they cannot separate from the other.
  3. Repeating the Same Lesson– When a cord is still attached energetically a person can repeat the same lesson over and over again as they are resonating on the same frequency of that old cord. To demonstrate, think of a person that gets out of one abusive relationship but then happens to become involved in another abusive relationship. This is not by chance or just bad luck, it is because this old cord is still attached! This person is repeating the same lesson because the cord had not been cut.
  4. Releasing Karmic Ties– Often times we are meeting up with the same people from past lives to resolve karmic ties. These relationships are created in order to let go of lessons of the past. By resolving issues with this person then the issue will finally be resolved in this lifetime. Please note that when you cut karmic ties with loved ones or family members, this does not mean you cannot have a loving relationship with this person, it just means you will be able to release the past life issue. When this is done, this then allows for a greater relationship involving a higher love or understanding between both people.

How to Cut Cords Energetically?

When I want to cut cords energetically I call upon Archangel Michael. If you are not familiar with him, read my blog Archangels 101.” Archangel Michael protects us and makes us feel safe! I ask him to come in and cut the cord with the person you are wanting to cut ties with. I ask him to cut the cord and send that cord to its rightful person and place, sending it back with loving energy. Then I ask him to seal that area up and fill me back with my own positive loving energy. Sometimes I pretend I am cutting the cord with my fingers to show action it was cut! I ask Archangel Michael to seal me back up because you now have an empty hole that you want to cover up and not let anything get in there! Once I am done I thank Archangel Michael for coming and assisting me with this matter! I also want to note that sometimes you might have to cut a cord again if that person gets back in your energy field and you are having the same feelings as before. If this is the case do the same steps as above! Finally, by being aware that one has cords attached to another, then one can work to detach themselves from that individual. Cutting cords energetically allows for a person to finally move on from a relationship and close that chapter for good. Once this is completed, a person will then be ready to embark on a new relationship with new lessons ahead!