Christmas is just days away and I wanted to blog about sending out Love to others during this time. We get so busy shopping, baking, decorating and just being absorbed with this holiday season. When this happens, we forget to send out the energy of LOVE! How do you send out the energy of Love to others? All you have to do is THINK of sending the energy of Love to others and voila, you just sent out Christmas Love! You can send this energy to anyone and everyone, to help raise someone’s vibration, as well as, your own! Many times, when I am driving, I see homeless people on the side of the road and I just think of sending them Love. I ask the Angels to help this individual and I send the energy of Love to this person. Also, just seeing them reminds me to send this love and to be grateful! I am so grateful to be warm, have food, and a place to stay. I am so grateful that I am blessed and have wonderful friends and family that I can rely on if I need something. This is another reason why I want to send them the energy of Christmas Love. I want them to feel better and see joy in life too even though they may be having a hard time at the moment. So, this Christmas, send out the energy of Christmas Love to others and watch it spread. Not only are your raising your energy, but you are help others raise there’s too!