I have blogged about Angel number 555, but I had a client ask me what does the number 222 mean Spiritually? First let’s look at the number 2 and what that means. The number 2 is associated with balance, harmony, faith and trust. It also represents relationships, diplomacy and adaptability. Now, when you are seeing the number 222, this is an indicator a there is a new cycle of growth, expansiveness, and beginnings that are coming in. The Angel number 222 is asking you to start to manifest what you are wanting on your life, to brings this new growth in. You need to think positive and manifest in your desire. Bring in what you want and that you can make that miracle idea happen! This number also can be telling you to take a break, as you have been pushing yourself too hard! Remember balance is the key! The last thing that this number can be telling you is that you need to BELIEVE and TRUST! Just know that you can make things happen and move forward with this thought process. Stay focused and bring in this new cycle as good things await!